A grand seasonal overview

It is September 23 and the entire Summer has passed.  It was busy, fun, and there was no time for writing blog posts.   Some recapitulations of what happened will follow.  Here, for now is a photo review of the food forest as seen from the third floor window from February through September…Continue reading “A grand seasonal overview”

Four levels of learning: reading, sharing, doing, practicing.


The other day, David Homa came to work with Ruby and me for a day and walk us through a couple of aspects of building a permaculture food forest: amending the soil based on our soil tests, sheet mulch over an existing lawn, and building a hugelkultur. Continue reading “Four levels of learning: reading, sharing, doing, practicing.”

Permaculture zen

After Land of Plenty left, as I mentioned, we had two huge piles of brush, taller than a person, in the yard.  The original plan was to rent a chipper to turn this material into wood chips for paths, figuring it would take one work-day with Ruby – Ruby is our wonderful live-in intern/woofer, who helps out two days a week in return for room and board.  Unfortunately, it turns out, you can’t rent chippers of a usable size for us.  So, what to do with two gargatuan piles of brush? Continue reading “Permaculture zen”